Tuesday, July 28, 2009

About that keeping up on blogging......

Oops.  Now it's July and so much as happened.  I'd like to be able to say that I haven't posted because I'm so busy that I've had no time but that would be lying.  Am I kidding me?  I have tons of time, loads of it.  But lazy is a nasty bitch and she has tied herself to me with great force.

I get a hormone panel done next month to see if this funk I'm in is a part of life (I'm hoping it is because this can't be normal).  If not.......happy pills here I come because seriously, I'm afraid to open my mouth for fear of ripping somebody's head off verbally.

Tonight there was traffic up the ass and this asshat drove in the center emergency lane only to bypass the rest of us that aren't as busy as him.  Considering my mental state right now........you can only imagine how loud and animated I was in the car the rest of the trip home.  I'm still hoping he dies a horrible and unimaginable death.

Deep breath, deep breath.  Ok, so I'll be back.  Probably sooner than later because I need to write about shit.  Twitter and Facebook doesn't give me the space I, apparently, need.

Ciao for now.